Tuition / Coaching Testimonials

These are a selection of extracts from recent thank you emails and feedback made to us by students, parents and teachers.


“It is pleasure studying in an institution such as this.”

Ananya Singh, Class VIII

“I am very glad to be in this institution where we can learn new things. This provides us with all the material for studies which a student requires. I just love this coaching and the teachers who teach us to be a better person.”

-Ishita tiwari, Class VIII

“It is a very nice experience studying here. The faculty is really very good. The ‘before exam’ classes are really encourageble.”

Anushka pandey, Class VIII

“It is a wonderful experience in this institution, we get both practical and theoretical knowledge. This is the best coaching any one can ever join.”

Shreya, Class VIII

“My parents have given me a privilege to study here, the best coaching ever. I’m glad to study here because of the improvement made every year in every class, the best teaching in every manner – laughter, sincerity etc, every student improves.” BEST COACHING!

Kanishka, Class VIII

“A very good place for learning and studying in a playful, burden free way. We get to clear our doubts no matter how small they are. Explanation of each and every difficult topic is done. Probably the best coaching for every student with improved results.”

Fizza Hasan, Class VIII

“Ever since I have joined the coaching I have seen a gradual increase in my percentage.”

Sameer Abbasi, Class X

“I have been to many coachings but I found none so co-operative and remarkable. Learning has become easy in this coaching.”

Apoorv Singh, Class X

“It’s only been three months since I have joined the coaching and I can see the improvement in my academics and  I really appreciate and thank the coaching for this.”

Anushka Singh, Class X

“It’s been more than three years and nothing has changed, same discipline, same co-operation and same excellence.”

Khushi, Class X


“All the teachers are very good as they give personal attention to students. My child has improved a lot. I am very thankful to the coaching centre.”

Mother, Shreyansh Singh, Class V

“It has been a great experience for my child to be here. Teachers are really very co-operative.”

Sunita mother, Ishita, Class VIII

“Great experience with this coaching. I will always suggest it to others.”

Kavita mother, Vansh, Class V

“All the faculty is truly outstanding. They help children in all the aspects. I wish success to the faculty and the institute.”

Father, Namra, Class V

Our heartfelt gratitude to succeed team for helping my child to improve in studies and also for providing to facilitate growth and development.

Mother, Aashi Class IV, Aadvik Class I

“My son has been a student at succeed for last 3 years. I would like to thank the institute and wish them success who have put in a lot of effort to groom his personality.”

Mother, Devansh Class Viii, Prashant Class V

“My son has been a student at succeed for last 3 years. I would like to thank the institute and wish them success who have put in a lot of effort to groom his personality.”

Mother, Kanishk Class Viii, Anushika Class VII, Ishika Class IV


My working experience in this coaching institute is wonderful. I am teaching in this institute from last 3 years and gradually it has become the most important part of my life. I enjoy working here. Before joining it was difficult to imagine that teaching can be so much fun. Now I am so passionate about teaching here and so attached with this institute and students that I don’t even miss a single day to come here. The most important part of this coaching institute is we maintain a friendly atmosphere between students and teachers. They can come and ask anything they want from a teacher. We teach each and every student at his/her individual pace. Every student is given special attention. Everyone here is very supportive. It feels like home to me. Overall this is the best experience i could have ever had.

-Rashmi Agarwal

I started working in this institution 5 years back, even today a look into my tenure here reminds me of “ where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”. An institution where I have grown a lot in these years while teaching and learning from my colleagues and students. It contributed not only to my personal growth, in my teaching skills, handling situations, giving satisfactory solutions to problems that students face in their studies and related fields; but also enhanced my knowledge of difficult subjects and pattern followed in different board exams. Working here has become an indispensable part of my life. A healthy working environment and team work are highlighting elements that are taking us to achieve new heights. Last but not the least, we as a team not only offer emotional and moral support to each other and students but also come together for all round development of personality by arranging activities and functions. We follow all possible ways to achieve growth of the students and consider individual indifferences, what other institutes lack. We say we are different and we are proving it and will continue to.

-Romi Rani

I have been a part of this institute for almost 2 years now. As a teacher it has been a very fulfilling experience for me. I find the overall environment very congenial. Having a dedicated and competent staff, this academy takes up the task of churning out better results every year. Thorough understanding of the lessons is focused here. Parents are more than relieved after handing over their child to this institute. In my opinion, this is the best place for the beginners converting into achievers. Last but not the least, it will not be complete without mentioning the brain behind this wonderful academy. Their positive attitude and above all the warmth they bestow upon all members is incredible. So I wish all the best to this institute.

-- Neelam Rawat

This institute provides a suitable environment not only to students but also to the teaching staff as well. Students are able to interact with teachers and bring up their individual problems, which enables the teachers to solve them. Students are provided with suitable notes which are helpful for students during their examination and their tests. Frequent tests help them to know their mistakes and teachers take heed in solving them individually. Finally with regard to the teaching staff, the centre provides a good platform to deal with students and to enhance their leadership qualities. Teachers find it easy as the working environment is calm and pleasant, as no extra pressure is being put on the teachers. I thank the institute for everything.

-Subin Thomas

I like the ambience of this coaching; it makes it easier for new teachers to get involved easily. All the staff members are very co-operative and helpful towards new staff. All teachers are given equal importance which encourages them to work efficiently. I have worked previously at other institutes and never felt this convenient as I do here. I have learnt a lot of new teaching skills in the past three months.

-Samia Siddiqui

This institute is not a mere tuition or coaching centre but an institution where ethical values underpins the standard of teaching, knowledge, skills, competence and conduct. Here teachers play a very important role. There is an open house system which ensure fair work by teachers satisfying parents. Here in this institution teacher’s promote equality and cognitive emotional development for the overall development of the student’s in all aspects of life.

-Chitranshi Gupta

It’s been a wonderful experience in this coaching since I joined. The staff, management and everyone here are very supportive. Although I was a fresher in the field of teaching, the management and other teachers supported me. The working atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable. I am so glad to be a part of this institute. It has given me wonderful memories. I truly love teaching the students here and I am sure that these memories I will cherish throughout my life.

-Shanvi Khan

I am working in this institute since many years, my working experience over here is very positive. The management is very co-operative and motivational. Everyone is very supportive and very friendly. The environment of this place is safe and secure for both students and teachers. I am glad to be a part of this institute.

-Ankita Tiwari

This institute is a zone of knowledge, fun, creativity and brain storming area for children. To be a part of this institute as a faculty member has been a great experience. This institute is a place where one can feel the extreme pressure of studies to fun and frolic of parties. It believes in over all development so not only studies we also celebrate and indulge in Teacher’s Day, Children’s day, Farewell Party and much more. I wish many more years of success and happiness in institute.

-Akansha Tiwari

It is a blessing to be associated with an institute like Target Plus. The management is very caring & supportive. I can't list the amount of things I have accomplished being a teacher here. I will definitely cherish each moment spent here. I wish good luck and further years of success to the institute.