School Testimonials

These are a selection of extracts from recent thank you emails and feedback made to us by students, parents and teachers.


I selected CIS Juniors as the first school for my little angel because it is new and has appropriate student teacher ratio. My daughter was shy initially and really bossy when she opens up, so she needed special attention to balance her attitude. This CIS Juniors provided me, I was very apprehensive while selecting the school as the trend is bigger the school bigger is the fees and lot of work load for children. But CIS gives my child her own space and pace to grow and learn which in real sense is learning for a child.

Dr Harshita Tripathi- M/O Varushka Vashisth

Being a mother before sending my ward to the school for the first time was a big maze for me. For first three days she cried a lot as she stepped out for the first time but she got adjusted very quickly with her friends, teachers and the big ma’am too. She loves them a lot. Not only this, she also enjoys participating in rhymes, games, paintings and dance. Thank you CIS team for your support and encouragement.

Ms Radhika Raheja- M/O Rishita Raheja

The school environment is productive for the child’s development and inculcates the discipline that is necessary for his overall growth coupled with activities that also make the child more imaginative.

Ms Shailza Singh - M/O Kushagra Singh

We thank CIS Juniors for their efforts in putting the child to grow and improve. Good to see the child’s progress in learning new things and allow to teach them good habits. Special thanks to her class teacher for her efforts.

Mr Dewendra Yadav- F/O Pranjal Yadav

CIS Juniors is an educational institute which has explored the fun in learning and has ruled out the conventional style of education at pre – primary level.

Ms Shweta Nagar - M/O Anshika Kirit Nagar

Since the day my child stepped in your mother toddler class, her love for learning began. She is as enthusiastic as ever. Because of your encouragement my child is excited to wake up early in the morning and prepare for school. She has shown great progress in her confidence and social skills. I cannot thank you enough for guiding her through this development period.

Ms Pooja Gupta- M/O Aarna Gupta


Perfect school for a child. We are an International school that lives and learns together in our own world. Our school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together and learn together. Our school community respects each other, support each other and help each other to succeed. It is a privilege for me to be a part of CIS Juniors.

-Ms Shalu Khannal

It was a very nice experience, i learned many things from my previous school which i could apply here especially the Montessori method of teaching. The school atmosphere is very friendly and the management is co-operative. My colleagues are very helpful and kind natured. I thank CIS Juniors for giving me an opportunity to work here.

-Ms Divya Singh