Our Vision And Mission




To revolutionize the education system so that children are imparted 'Education for Life' which encompasses not only knowledge but also enhances the talents and life skills necessary for the holistic development of the child.


To guide and enlighten parents about positive parenting so as to enable them to make their parenting experience richer, more joyful and more rewarding.


To elevate the status and widen the horizons of teachers by equipping them with knowledge, expertise and skills required to transform them into leaders in education.


To awaken humanity in people and seek their support in taking up projects for the welfare of underprivileged children so that they can live in a better world.



School program

'To help young minds grow in a child-friendly environment for the holistic development of a child.'

We focus on the satisfaction of the child's inquisitive mind through concept clarity. By infusing love and care into every aspect of learning, at Edifice Education, we convert everyday into wonderful learning experiences that leads to the all-round development of the child. Moreover, here the child gets immense happiness, complete freedom and the required guidance to grow and blossom in the happy environment.

Tuition program

‘ To inspire every child for life through a rounded education of a child's body, mind, heart and spirit.’

We focus to empower, enthuse & encourage the tutees’ intellectual strength and competitive ability by fostering his/her academic excellence through collaborative after school programs & strategies.




  • Treating every child as special. This creates an intrinsic motivation in every child to succeed.
  • Children are further empowered with self-knowledge, self-reflection and self-analysis made possible by on-going assessments and daily reflection. Children learn important life skills and become more effective partners in their learning process.
  • Focus is on personalised learning. This ensures that every child maximizes his
  • her potential and moves efficiently towards each goal with self-confidence.


  • To promote & inculcate the quest for success in the tutees.
  • To strengthen the tutee’s subject foundation through concept clarity.
  • To Cater & harness a comprehensive student focused learning environment to develop long lasting learning attitude and overall academic excellence in the tutees.
  • To enable the tutees to acquire better concentration, focused attention and improved confidence to score high in their respective examinations.
  • To partner with the parents in their child’s voyage to an elegant career resulting in overall development of the Nation.



The concept of Edifice Education is based on the mantra ‘Compete with yourself'. Here children are not just given wings, but the school and tuition centre also ensures that they develop strong roots. Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude. In a way, Edifice Education ushers the child into a world of possibilities where their personality blossoms.

Our journey began in 2011 with our first venture at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. A spacious colourful area with a scientifically planned curriculum by Dr Sunita Gandhi opened the eyes of the parents to a new way of bringing up children. From then on, we became the trendsetter for subject enrichment tutorials. Today, Edifice Education ventures out for a world class school and another tuition centre at Gomti Nagar extension and many more are on the way.

To date Edifice Education, remains the only Tuition centre with a research and development department. All the teachers undergo rigorous training and are continuously educated about new revelations in child psychology and education trends. A workforce of 20+ highly professional teachers along with couple of quality managers, work towards providing children the best of education and facilities, to groom them into leaders of tomorrow. Not only this, we have taken the onus to educate parents about positive parenting through a series of seminars, thus, creating a healthier society of enlightened parents and bright kids.


Bharti Gandhi, the founder director of City Montessori Schools, in Lucknow is a renowned name in the field of education. Instilling within herself the thought of making herself available to poor, needy and helpless, Dr. Mrs.Gandhi started a movement against social injustice and soon became associated with several social, cultural and women’s welfare activities in Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Mrs. Gandhi laid the firm foundation of CMS, which now has completed 55 years of successful functioning. She has won several laurels for her outstanding contribution in the field of education like UP Ratan Award, and many more. We are very grateful to her for inspiring us to venture out into the field of education.

Dr Gandhi has been fine-tuning and implementing a transformative education curriculum and assessments based on the principle of 'compete with yourself,' which over 200 schools have adopted across India. With this large scale pilot, she is incubating an education more suited to the needs of children in the 21st century. The edifice of her efforts is constructed on the foundation of the Four Building Blocks of Education: Universal Values, Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things and Service to Humanity. We are very grateful to her for inspiring us to venture out into the field of education.

Our team

A school is indeed the foundation of an individual’s life. It is the sacred area where a child’s emotional and intellectual quotient is drawn. Students practice, play, learn, live and build the foundations of their life.

We have qualified staff to help the students to cope with the present demand in the various fields of education.
In the words of Deborah William Meir “My ideas on teaching and learning focus on small democratic values."