Frequently Asked Questions

Succeed goes beyond tutoring. Instead, children actively develop critical thinking skills while progressing independently through a carefully crafted, Succeed way of teaching. The Succeed covers each and every subject taught in his/her school. Special worksheets prepared by teachers enable children to learn new concepts on their own. Succeed helps children to progress one small step at a time through daily practice. Succeed helps children:
Foster a love of learning
Progress at their own pace
Develop good study habits and self-learning abilities

We guarantee improved results in comparison to the previous academic result. However parents can see a 100% improvement in the child’s concepts and willingness to learn.

There is no “right” age – Succeed can help your child advance in school – regardless of age and learning abilities

Your children can enrol and benefit from Succeed from Class KG through Class 12th .

The child will not need any academic assistance at home after the tuition. However small assignments are given to the students at weekends, which they are expected to complete on their own.

Succeed is built to enhance what students learn in school, not replace it. It is designed so that any student can move as quickly as possible, while building independence and self-learning skills.

Please contact Centre (1 or 2) near you to receive valuable information regarding Succeed including tuition and other fees.

We maintain a healthy teacher-child ratio of 1:15. Additionally, we have subject teachers who support the children in their daily routines with difficult subjects especially in higher classes.

The centre operates after school hours from 4pm to 8pm, the duration of Classes from KG to Class 12 is 2.5 hours.

During examination days, the students are at the centre for longer hours. The staff ensures that each child revises the lessons thoroughly and gives well prepared worksheets for more practise.

We organise parent teacher meets at the end of each month. Wherein the parent can we these the program of their child

The real value of Succeed instruction – and what sets us apart from other learning programs and tutors – is the impact Succeed’s progressive method will make on your child’s success throughout the school years, and beyond. With individualized instruction, Succeed Students develop confidence and independence – key traits for success at any age.

Succeed gives you the tools to truly monitor your child's progress. The daily worksheets teach concepts in a logical way, so you’ll instantly know if your child is struggling with lessons – or advancing ahead of class level. You're armed with insights and information that will help you decide what’s best as tuition continues and progress improves.

Succeed instils in students the skills and mindset necessary to learn new materials without being taught. With help from a certified instructor, children are able to move at their own pace each day through an individualized instruction. When a student doesn’t grasp a concept and needs guidance, the necessary steps are taken to ensure the child can work on it until it’s mastered.

Yes. If you’re concerned your child isn’t keeping up in class, Succeed encourages you to consider enrolment in the Succeed Program as soon as possible. Succeed will start by having your child complete a readiness survey at no cost to you. The results of this test will help guide the Succeed Instructor to determine the best starting point. From there, the step-by-step method will help your child build a solid grasp of all subjects, and grow more confident and motivated while mastering each concept and lesson.

Succeed’s individualized instruction is meant to help your child advance and succeed. In fact, many Succeed Students are studying above class level. Students are introduced to new concepts earlier than at school and can experience the advantage of learning new material ahead of their peers

Succeed parents and students report the opposite: students with a firm grasp of the fundamentals become much more engaged and self-confident in school. Doing homework each night also becomes less daunting and time-consuming – a plus for both students and parents. And with Succeed, you have more information on learning advancement, so you can make sure any curriculum includes classes that are appropriately challenging.

Succeed’s individualized instruction differs from one-on-one tutoring services that provide “quick fix” short term boosts in performance. If your child is a bit behind fellow classmates, our short-term goal is to reach grade-level competency within twelve months. While some students take a little longer, many accomplish it sooner. Succeed’s long-term goal is for students to continue with the Succeed Program throughout the school years, for benefits till class 12th.

The most important step you can take is to help your child establish a routine by scheduling daily "Succeed time.” To encourage your child, you'll want to celebrate and praise victories and progress, large or small. Younger children may need some extra guidance from you in completing worksheets. It’s also very important to maintain regular communication with your instructor about homework, motivation, or any other major activity in your child’s life. The instructor is there for you as well as your child, and wants what you want: to help your child succeed.

The centre provides vans for pick and drop from home. We maintain all possible safety aspects, right from ensuring attendance of each child to the identity of the drivers. We would soon be introducing the GPRS system wherein the vans can be tracked.

Our supervising staff and also the teachers are well-trained in providing first-aid. We have a tie up with a reputed hospital incase of any emergency and also the parent is informed for the same immediately.