Succeed After School

Class UKG - VII

We define a perfect 100% result where the child has grown in confidence, become an independent learner and understood their individual learning styles and without question, put the best possible effort that could have been expected of them in trying to achieve a pre-defined goal.

If after all this, their love of learning continues to develop and the spark inside of them to explore, grow and educationally improve themselves continues to thrive, you have the ultimate winner. A result that no parent, teacher or pupil could ever argue with – the child will have become the best possible version of what they possibly can be at that point in their lives. This is the result we aim to achieve with every child.

We can confidently say that in the last 7 years we have had a 100% pass rate. This is a testament to the culture and ethos of the centre and the relaxed productive environment in which our pupils thrive.

At Succeed after school we offer a wealth of experience to every child in a manner that is conducive to bring out the best version of that child irrespective of what the parents’ aspirations may be. Sometimes there is an ocean between the parents expectations and where their child is when they come to us for assessment. We take on all students from all backgrounds with the exception of children with specific learning difficulties that require a structured program of study e.g autism, serious dyslexia, serious dyspraxia, serious dyscalculia or dysgraphia. These children require ongoing specific support which apparently we do not offer presently.

Classes VIII- XII

Some Tutors and Tuition centres claim 100% perenters for Boards or Independent examinations by pre-selecting the cream of the children they assess so they can continue to maintain a boastful 100% record including scholarships. This in turn makes their tuition life pretty straight forward by teaching the brightest children who could probably have passed without any kind of coaching whatsoever.

No wonder they can have astonishing pass marks and scholarship pass marks. Assessments can be charged up to Rs 1500 a time and this provides a regular stream of income in the quest to find the brightest candidates to coach. It is this bright pre-filtered child who lends the tutor or tuition centre this pass rate, because the truth of the matter is, this child will probably have passed the examination anyway with minimal support and maybe just a little guidance.

The success rate for succeed after school has always been above 85%. Now, given we do not pre-filter pupils and only take the cream, or use statistics which are weighed in our favor, this is an astonishing pass rate. At our centre we take children from all walks of life and from ALL levels to try to unlock their full potential so a 85% pass rate is incredible.