School FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

CIS Juniors provides India's most effective curriculum that has
Clear instructional goals
High expectation for achievement
Small concept-based instructional tiers
Clear accomplishment standards for each tier
Personalised work plans and assessments based on Compete with Yourself! mantra
Use of varied methods until understanding is reached
Immediate feedback combined with the right level of support and challenge

Apart from the curriculum, our other unique differentiators are:
Environment : At CIS Juniors, we believe that the environment is the third teacher. Our pre-school environment is richly and carefully resourced to stimulate learning and development in children. The environment will engage your child to become an active participant in the learning process.
Teachers : At CIS Juniors, our greatest strength lies in the exceptional quality of our teaching staff. They are well-qualified, experienced and have a deep understanding of children. Our teachers are frequently provided opportunities for training and professional development.
Parent Involvement : We view parents as our partners, advocates and collaborators and involve them in every aspect of child's learning. The school maintains an open door policy and you will be continuously updated about your child's progress through our in-depth documentation process, where teachers maintain records of your child's work.

Please contact the school to receive valuable information regarding CIS Juniors enrolment costs and other fees.

If your child falls under any of the age group he/she will be eligible for the corresponding levels
Mother Toddler / Toddler program-1.5 - 2.5 years
Play Group: 2.5 - 3.5 years
Lower KG: 3.5 - 4.5 years
Upper KG: 4.5 - 5.5 years
Class 1 to 5 : 5.5 Years and up
ChildCare: 1.5 to 10 years

School Timings – The school timings are flexible depending upon the class, season and other factors
Office Hours - 8.00 am to 4.30 pm
We also provide child care facility at our school for children and various after-school programs.

To tackle separation anxiety, you will be encouraged to spend time with your child at the beginning of the day through our program - Indoor Integrated Play (IIP) until he/she settles in the school. Gradually, once your child gets accustomed to the school environment, your time spent in class is reduced.

At CIS Juniors, we maintain a healthy teacher-child ratio of: 1:15
Additionally, we have well-trained attendants who support the teachers in their daily routines.

We use the National Curriculum Framework as a guideline, ensuring that children who graduate from class 5 are fully prepared to go on to Grade 6 in any school which also includes a great opportunity to go to City Montesori School.

The school provides vans for pick and drop from home. Each van has a caregiver ensuring safety at all times. We maintain other possible safety aspects as well, right from ensuring attendance of each child to the identity of the drivers. We would soon be introducing the GPRS system wherein the vans can be tracked.

Dr. Montessori observed that children under the age of six absorb information without effort, through their everyday interactions with those around them and their environment. This important time of development provides the critical foundation of a child’s character, learning, and growth. As in all stages of child development, Dr. Montessori noted certain sensitive periods during this stage, a time when a child is powerfully motivated, driven, and able to learn certain things. These sensitive periods include aspects of movement, reading, mathematics, order, music, grace and courtesy, and many others. The classroom environment is designed to give the children a place in which they can work and learn freely, following their interests and natural tendencies.

Our academic year runs from April to March ideally, divided into six tier of 1/2 months each. The year for each child may be different depending on various aspects

The admission procedure is as follows:
It includes filling-up the admission form (which is available in the school or by downloading the form online).
Attach 4 passport size photographs of the child and each of parents/guardians and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.
Remit the admission fees as applicable. (Fees can be paid in cash or through A/c payee cheque or demand draft)

Admission can be taken in advance (even prior to the eligibility as per age) to ensure availability of seat.

At CIS Juniors , we follow an open door policy where parents can meet the teachers any day. We organise parent teacher meets at the end of each tier (6 times a year) where your child's work is displayed. Teachers also maintain a portfolio of your child's progress which will be shared with each parent.

Our supervising staff and also the teachers are well-trained in providing first-aid. We have a tie up with a reputed hospital incase of any emergency and also the parent is informed for the same immediately.

Yes, in our school program each and every activity is supervised by our trained staff.

Yes, all the equipment and material provided to children at CIS Juniors is of the best quality, age-appropriate, child safe and non-toxic.

No. Your child need not be toilet trained, as our trained attendants will ensure that your child is kept clean at all times, with regular checks.

CIS Juniors has designed an exclusive Child Care Program where our expert care-providers create a warm, family environment for your child. The caregiver - child ratio is 1:10. Apart from outdoor play, the children are also exposed to dance and drama, music and movement, art and craft, storytelling and puppet shows.

Yes, you can choose to enrol your child only in our Child Care program.